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The Taste of Marketing.

In Uncategorized on 29/10/2010 at 1:08 am

Hallo! Been a long long time that i am no longer actively blogging here. Ever since I started my career as a real marketer for one of world’s biggest consumer goods company, I’ve been trying not to comment too much on any ads nor simply any billboards i passed by.

But what can I do? Cant help myself and shut the passion inside! This marketing instinct has been roaring out loud, forcing myself to at least share the thoughts.

So following the popular demand, I am taking decision to launch another blog that will contain my thoughts, the one that will give you a brought to life picture of marketing. You’ll get to know the taste of marketing. And by then, you’ll decide ; to be part of the same taste, or even adding a flavour to the mix!

Stay tuned! Be updated! 😉

Best, Y

  1. wew, she has turn the engine. go girl.

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